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 May 3, 2023 | 11:30am - 3:00pm ET

It’s 2023, and we are in a place where the pandemic left our people more vulnerable to burnout and stress than they ever were before. The focus on wellbeing has completely changed and what was once offered as a company benefit is now a key strategy for growth & employee engagement. According to Gallup, 28% of U.S. workers experience regular burnout on the job. And as a result, employees are leaving their jobs to preserve their mental health, leaving companies to lose more talent than seen in prior years.

With this in mind, employees are calling on leaders to prioritize well-being in the workplace. Organizations must equip managers, teams, and employees to create and maintain psychologically safe workplace cultures. When companies develop strategies for managing and supporting employee well-being, they empower people to thrive inside and outside of their workplace. Additionally, businesses with healthy, thriving employees increase retention and productivity. 

During achieve Engagement’s Employee Well-Being event, you will learn how to build an environment that proactively promotes and protects employee well-being as well as develop a plan to prepare your company for the well-being-related challenges that are bound to arise in the future. 

Join us to learn more about how you can develop a well-being strategy for your organization's future. 

Key Event Takeaways:

  • How to get your leaders on board with new well-being strategies  

  • What an effective mental health culture looks like and how they implemented proactive well-being strategies to reduce burnout. 

  • How to create a psychologically safe and engaged workplace culture that empowers your employees and leaders to lead more fulfilling lives.


More Speakers Coming Soon!



Community Engagement & Content Lead

achieve Engagement

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Founder & CEO

Redesigning Wellness

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Director, Employee Well-Being and Recognition

Mayo Clinic

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Amplified Research

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Change Consultant & Coach

Center for the Advancement of Wellbeing

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11:30am EST
11:40am EST
Opening Remarks & Welcoming
11:40am EST
12:10pm EST

To Be Announced Shortly

12:10pm EST TO
1:15pm EST
Impact Accelerator - Designing Preventative Strategies & Preventing Burnout

The onus shouldn’t be solely on individual employees to look after their own mental health. We need effective ways to proactively turn the tide on poor mental health, burnout, and lost productivity – starting from the top.


In this Impact Accelerator, we outline how we can be proactive with our solutions, understand what burnout really means, and the proven strategies to not only reduce burnout, but also how to prevent it.

1:15pm EST TO
1:45pm EST
Panel Discussion - A Generative Dialogue Around The World Of Employee Well-Being

A generative dialogue is an opportunity that involves genuine inquiry and sharing that leads to a deeper understanding of the topic at hand. Some topics that will be covered in this panel discussion include:

  • How do we go about identifying our organizations specific well-being needs?

  • What strategies might be reinforcing harmful situations in your people's wellbeing.

  • How do we move from being reactionary to becoming proactive?

  • What is the role of the manager and the employee in all of this?

  • What are some "Tactical Now-What” strategies you can deploy today?

  • The systems, technologies, and processes needed to create and track well-being strategies.

1:45pm EST
2:50pm EST
Impact Accelerator - High Impact, Practical Solutions To Develop A Culture of Wellbeing

Join this session and reflect on how we think and interact with the world of work and how we can adjust our way of working so it engages, empowers, and uplifts us. We believe that implementing a holistic well-being work environment is the first step to creating a world of work that empowers and engages people.


In this Impact Accelerator, we cover the roles of managers and employees in creating and upholding a psychologically safe workplace culture. Additionally, we share strategies on how to create and implement an effective and holistic well-being strategy that improves both managers’ and employees’ well-being.

2:50pm EST
3:00pm EST
Closing Remarks & Thoughts
  • FREE to attend, thanks to our incredible event supporters!

  • Amazing content from an exciting speaker lineup of thought leaders.

  • Interact with speakers and peers in a LIVE virtual setting.

  • All registrants get access to the content On-Demand for 30 days.

  • Earn SHRM & HRCI recertification credits.

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