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November 6, 2024 | 11:30am - 3:30pm ET

Appreciation@Work is a dynamic virtual event designed to learn from experts and leading HR executives how organizations can unleash the power of appreciation for their employees. You'll discover how to approach recognition and gratitude to ensure your employees feel truly valued so they choose to stay and help your organization succeed.

A Few Core Impact Areas & Themes Covered During This Program: 

  • Leadership's Role in Fostering Appreciation

  • Creating Personalized Elements of Appreciation

  • Respect and Inclusivity as Foundations of Appreciation

  • Recognition and Appreciation as Daily Practices

  • Impact of Appreciation on Engagement and Productivity

  • Consistency and Tools for Sustainable Appreciation

11:30am ET
11:40am ET
Opening / Welcome


Zech Dahms - Community and Culture Program Director - achieve Engagement

11:40am ET
12:10pm ET
Opening Keynote: Building A Culture of Appreciation People Don’t Want to Leave

Christopher Littlefield, Founder & International Speaker, Beyond Thank You

As HR, you know your people are struggling, and that no gift card, spot bonus, or pizza party is going to make a difference on its own when an employee doesn't feel valued by their managers or organization. But how do we get overworked leaders to do little things to take care of their people? How do we get senior leaders to understand that we can't improve the customer/patient experience until we improve the employee experience? How do we reconnect burnt-out staff to the careers they once loved? We will answer these questions and more as we map out how to nurture a culture of appreciation and respect from your role and give you the ideas to get started today!

Outcomes: HR Leaders will learn to…

  • Use simple low/no-cost strategies to inject authentic recognition and appreciation into all levels of your organization and total rewards strategy.

  • Understand the hidden reason managers avoid recognizing employees and gain tools to guide even the most reluctant Managers and Senior Leaders to authentically recognize their people.

  • Get trained in a new, easily transferable technique that will help managers get to the heart of what each of their employees really wants and needs to feel valued every day.

  • Nudge positive employee interactions that help their people remember why they love their careers.

12:10pm ET TO
1:25pm ET
Impact Accelerator #1 - Transform Appreciation: Personalized Recognition & Leveraging Feedback as a Gift


Stephanie Reilly - Director of Human Resources, Material Bank

Sarah Herold - VP People, Cleerly

Mindy Honcoop, MBA, Chief People Officer, Agile in HR


Discover the art of personalized recognition with insights from Stephanie Reilly, who will guide you through leveraging feedback as a gift, really personalizing your approach, fostering psychological safety, and how all these elements build trust. Sarah Herold, an expert in the 5 Languages of Appreciation, will show you how to speak each employee's unique appreciation language, crafting personalized care packages, and how she started this conversation internally with her executive team. Dive into a journey of empowerment and engagement, where appreciation becomes personalized, cherished, and practiced.

1:25pm ET TO
2:05pm ET
Panel Discussion - A Generative Dialogue Around The World Of Employee Appreciation


  • Zech Dahms - Community & Culture Program Director - achieve Engagement


  • Jamy Conrad, VP of People, TrustRadius

  • Carolyn Sorgenfrei, Sr. HR Program Manager Employee Experience, Motional

  • Jason Lindstrom, CEO, Bucketlist Rewards and Recognition

2:05pm ET
3:20pm ET
Impact Accelerator #2 - Building a Culture of Appreciation: Rooted in Leadership & Community


  • Valerie Norton - Chief People Officer, Habitat for Humanity International

  • Logan Mallory, Vice President Marketing, Motivosity

  • Monica Gillespey, Chief People Officer, Lumistry

Discover the heart of workplace appreciation in 'Building a Culture of Appreciation,' where we explore the essential foundations rooted in leadership and community. In this theme, gain insights from Mindy Honcoop's grassroots approach, Monica Gillespey's innovative recognition initiatives, and Valerie Norton's use of technology and communities. Learn how leadership involvement, employee-driven programs, and community building can collectively nurture an authentic culture of appreciation, making your organization a place where employees thrive, feel recognized, and are valued for their contributions.

3:20pm ET
3:30pm ET
Closing Thoughts & Remarks


  • Zech Dahms - Community & Culture Program Director - achieve Engagement

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  • FREE to attend, thanks to our incredible event supporters!

  • Amazing content from an exciting speaker lineup of thought leaders.

  • Interact with speakers and peers in a LIVE virtual setting.

  • All registrants get access to the content On-Demand for 30 days.

  • Earn SHRM & HRCI recertification credits.

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