Driving Engagement Through Culture and Communications  

Wednesday, August 18, 2021 | 11:30am-4:00pm ET
Free to Attend

If you’re grappling with important issues relating to Return to the Workplace, Safety & Wellbeing, War for Talent or a Culture of Belonging, Trust and Shared Purpose from wherever work happens, you won’t want to miss this compelling achieve Engagement virtual event. 


As organizations embrace new combinations of remote and on-site working, we are connecting with our employees more frequently and in a greater variety of ways. And “hybrid”, “hot-desking”, and “hoteling” may have replaced the familiar phrases like “foosball”, “free food” and “happy-hour Fridays” to reflect our perks and culture.

In essence, the emergence of ways to communicate and new technologies to capture and disseminate information may be the cause of greater confusion rather than the collaboration we hope for.


What effect has this all had on strategic communications? What does this mean for successfully branding your culture of collaboration, cohesion and community? This day promises to bring ideas to the forefront and solutions to the table. 


You can expect to learn about:


  • Talent Branding and storytelling 

  • Revitalizing your purpose and culture virtually

  • Attracting, embracing and engaging a dispersed and diverse workforce

  • Perfecting the narrative of diversity and belonging through and amplifying the voice of your employees 

  • Demonstrating inclusivity through powerful communications