Richard Pater

Performance Improvement Program Manager
Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Mr. Pater joined the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in 2002 and has worked in various airport locations and currently at Headquarters. Mr. Pater has worked in the offices in Security Operations, Operations Support, Intel & Analysis, Requirements Capabilities and Analysis, and Training related.  Mr. Pater has 19 years of experience in Employee Engagement and Employee Advisory Councils (EAC) and has been recognized as a Center of Excellence. Mr. Pater is a Certified Change Management Practitioner, LSS Green Belt, Certified Train the Trainer, and Adjunct Professor at universities in the Colleges of Business and Criminal Justice (Homeland Security). Mr. Pater is a proud Veteran of the U.S. Army.

Mr. Pater’s passion is workforce engagement and has received numerous TSA awards for his work with EAC’s and Employee Engagement. As the Chair of the Employee Advisory Council, Mr. Pater has led the EAC to developing workforce development programs, quarterly awards and recognition programs, conducted workplace surveys and focus groups, employee engagement action planning, and other morale initiatives.