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Sarita Parra Loehr

Vice President, Wellness and EAP
The Solutions Group, a Division of Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Sarita Loehr serves as the Vice President of Wellness and EAP for The Solutions Group (TSG), a division of Presbyterian Healthcare System (PHS).  As part of PHS, The Solutions Group is tasked with supporting the well-being of more than 13,000 employees across the entire organization.  The Solutions Group also provides Corporate Wellness services and wellness strategies to many employer clients across the state of New Mexico. 


Sarita has a great passion for infusing well-being into people’s lives that is driven by her own passion to keep movement and purpose core to her existence, and to build a strong foundation of personal resilience.  She believes that following holistic well-being will meet a larger spectrum of needs and offer greater opportunities for people to thrive, to perform better, and to be more fulfilled. 

Leveraging her corporate executive leadership and consulting experience, she and her team of subject matter experts are dedicated to cultivating well-being for people and organizations through embedding a total person approach, building awareness, strengthening access to resources, customizing programs, and sharing methods to practice well-being at work and at home.


The Solutions Group offers inspiration-driven education and awareness, health coaching, wellness ambassador programs, wellness strategic planning and teaching how to be a well-being leader and other wellness related services.


Sarita has a Bachelor of Administration in Human Resources and is a graduate of Leadership Albuquerque and Leadership New Mexico.

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