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Wednesday, March 31, 2021
11:00am-3:30pm ET

The past twelve months have been a wake up call for employers. Surviving a pandemic has forced us to recognize how dependent our organization’s performance truly is on the individual contributions of human beings. We can now see clearly the direct link between the well-being of our people and their ability to do their work successfully. 


Supporting employees well-being not only at work, but also in life has transitioned from being a benefit to a strategic priority. This demands a deeper understanding of human needs by leaders and requires the imagination and courage to go far beyond traditional wellness. 


The next year is an opportunity to reinvent how your organization thinks about facilitating employee performance. Join us for Well-Being 2021 to expand your understanding of well-being and gain actionable insights for how to propel your organization forward. We will explore how to create a work experience that embraces and enhances the humans who power your success. 

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Jason Lauritsen

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Employee Engagement Expert & Author 

Chief Content Officer

achieve Engagement

SMALL 2020-07-22_Sara-Martin_Portraits_K

Sara Martin

Chief Executive Officer



Alexandra Drane

CEO & Co-Founder

Rebel Health and ARCHANGELS


Michael A. Susi

Director, Global Wellness


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Ruchika Sikri

L&D Lead, Google Cloud & Former Head of Well-being Learning Strategy


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Roxy Manning, PhD

CNVC Certified Trainer

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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Dr. Candice Schaefer

Global Head of Employee Wellness



Naura Heiman Godar, AIA, WELL AP

Senior Partner

RDG Planning and Design

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Eve Rodsky


Fair Play


Gayle Van Gils

Emotional Leadership Coach and Author

Happier at Work


Teresa J. Tanner

Founder and CEO

Reserve Squad

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Alexsys Thompson


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Jason Lauritsen – Chief Content Officer – achieve Engagement

Why Well-Being Matters, Now More Than Ever


Sara Martin – Chief Executive Officer – WELCOA

The Unmentionables of Well-Being

What are the actual drivers of well-being? We spend a lot of time talking about exercise, diet and meditation, but is there a much more complex story about why some people thrive and others do not? Alexandra Drane, well-being researcher and CEO of ARCHANGELS, tells us why when life goes wrong, health goes wrong and how to begin to expand the definition of health to include life. 


Alexandra Drane – CEO & Co-Founder – Rebel Health and ARCHANGELS

Well-Being in the Employee Experience

When safety became the primary (only) concern for essential workers and the other half of employees were sent home to work, one thing became crystal clear. Supporting the well-being of employees isn’t a program or benefit to be added on, it must be designed into how work happens. 


In this dynamic session, you’ll hear three perspectives on the evolving role of well-being as a core component of employee experience and work design and what you can do to support this transition at your organization.

Gayle Van Gils – Emotional Leadership Coach and Author – Happier at Work

Roxy Manning, PhD – CNVC Certified Trainer, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Naura Heiman Godar – Senior Partner – RDG Planning and Design

Well-Being in the Life Experience

The challenging thing about employee well-being is that a lot of what affects it happens outside of work hours beyond your control as an employer. That’s why Gartner predicts that employers will shift from managing employee experience in 2021 to managing employee’s life experience. Without healthy, thriving employees, organizational performance will always be limited.  


In this session, you’ll gain insights to expand your thinking about well-being and gain a deeper understanding of human needs. This will invite you to think more broadly about what it might mean for your organization to support employees in achieving greater well-being not just at work, but in all areas of their life.  

Eve Rodsky – Author – Fair Play

Teresa J. Tanner – Founder and CEO – Reserve Squad

Alexsys Thompson, MLC, BCC – Author – The Power of a Graceful Leader

Well-Being in Action: A Leadership Discussion

The closing panel discussion will help us move from concept to actionable insights as we prepare for the opportunities and challenges of transforming the well-being practices of an organization. The conversation will reveal how some of the most innovative companies are supporting well-being, what's worked well for them, and what they have planned for the future. 

Moderated by: Sara Martin – Chief Executive Officer – WELCOA

Ruchika Sikri – L&D Lead, Google Cloud & Former Head of Well-being Learning Strategy – Google

Dr. Candice Schaefer – Global Head of Employee Wellness – Twitter

Michael A. Susi – Director, Global Wellness – LinkedIn

Closing Remarks


This event is approved for 6 recertification credits from both SHRM & HRCI. 

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